​​​Farmhouse Chiropractic 

Our Mission

​At FHC, our mission is to optimize performance in equestrian and animal athletes! We treat the body as a whole, using massage therapy, chiropractic, laser, fascial blading, KT taping and more to achieve the best results. 

FHC: Meet The Team 

 Chiropractor: Human & Animal

Dr. Jillian Johnson decided she wanted to be an animal chiropractor when she was 9 years old. Watching a horse of her's recover from a severe leg injury she saw the benefits and relief that her mare received from her chiropractic adjustments. That moment changed her life.

Following her path, she graduated from Texas A&M with a Bachelor of Science in Vertebrate Zoology ( anything with a backbone), went on to receive her Doctorate of Chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences, and undertook an intensive post graduate Animal Chiropractic Certification Course through Parker Chiropractic College. Dr. Jillian is one of a small number of elite animal chiropractors certified nationally. She was number 1200, this includes chiropractors and veterinarians.

As an equestrian, Dr. Jillian has an innate understanding of the tools necessary to succeed in the performance world. She uses chiropractic to help both horse & rider's bodies communicate and together to optimize performance. A true animal lover, Dr. Jillian created Farmhouse Chiropractic to help K9 athletes succeed as well. From the conformation ring to the agility ring she knows that proper spinal alignment and muscle function are necessary to excel.  

"Keep Moving Forward, Adjust"! - Dr. Jillian 

Equestrian    Equine    K9

Equine & K9 Massage Therapist

Ashlee Parker, a Certified Personal Trainer, Equine, and Canine Massage Therapist has a passion for the way muscles work! As a college athlete Ashlee played lots of sports and she was a firm believer in what chiropractic and massage therapy could do to help her recover and keep her in the game.

Loving animals, Ashlee considered pursuing a career in veterinary medicine but it wasn't her true calling. After following her love of muscles and fitness as a personal trainer and gym owner, she met Dr. Jillian. Needless to say, Form met Function and these two have been together ever since.
Ashlee loves to work with animal athletes and to educate their owners/trainers/handlers how they can improve. Always the first to take the extra minute to give clients homework to take home. As a Personal Trainer she is able to work with horseback riders to not only improve their mobility, comfort, but their riding as well. 
Having worked with strengthening, stretching, and conditioning muscles for so long it gives her a unique perspective on animal massage.