In today's world finding time to prioritize your health is hard! We make fitness and chiropractic convenient and easy! We are mobile means that we bring everything to you. We meet you at the barn, your house, even the horse show! A Treatment Style to Suit Everyone and Every Body!

At Farmhouse Chiropractic, we know that every body is unique and believe their treatment should be too! That is why our doctors love learning new techniques! Dr. Jilly & Dr. Mac provide many different chiropractic techniques to better serve a wide variety of patients. Some of these include :

  • NeuroEmotional Therapy 
  • Fascial Blading
  • Mckenzie Method For Back and Neck Pain
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Select Laboratory Services 
  • ​Injury Recall Technique 
  • Manual, Drop, and Instrument Assisted Chiropractic care

Keeps You In the Ribbons!

Rider Fitness

Improve Your Riding!

What Signals Are You Really Sending?

Cupping, KT Taping, & More

Farmhouse Chiropractic

Do you remember when you were a kid and you thought it was cool to wear your backpack on one shoulder? And do you remember your parent/teacher/doctor telling you that it was not cool and actually caused damage? 

You are your horse's backpack! So lets make you even! 

As a rider, you need to be able to communicate effectively and correctly, giving your horse the aids to perform the job asked of them. If you are leaning to one side or cannot put equal pressure in the saddle, you are sending the wrong signals! It is not a matter of if, but when, your horse will compensate for you, possibly leading to pain and underperformance. 

Many riders experience tight and painful backs, knees, and necks due to the repetitive nature of riding. We know you can "push through", but small signals your body shows now can lead to major injury later, so why not prevent it while also feeling great? We work to alleviate pain and supporting your muscles to get you feeling your best and adding longevity to your riding career.


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