Find the balance!
​At FHC, we believe there should always be clear communication between the brain and body. Proper spinal alignment achieved through chiropractic care helps the body function optimally by removing any restrictions that may cause altered communication and ultimately restrict motion. By treating the entire system with massage therapy and chiropractic care we are able to keep both horse and rider moving optimally. 

​​​Farmhouse Chiropractic 

Chiro-Care For You & The Horse You Rode In On! 

Why Adjust Both Horse & Rider? 
Has your trainer ever told you to "lean in the other stirrup?" Can you imagine what this does to your horse? 
A great analogy we like to use is the backpack analogy. When you were younger it was "cool" to wear your heavy backpack on one side, and you body would compensate by shifting to the other side. YOU ARE YOUR HORSE'S BACKPACK.. meaning we need you to be balanced just as much as they need to be balanced. 
We see horses that are constantly restricted on the same side because their riders are placing more weight on one side. It goes both ways! The horse's movement can dramatically affect the riders alignment. So we take care of both!

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