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Myofascial Release/Fascial Scraping techniques are incorporated to decrease muscle tension and fascial adhesions. Facial scraping is an ancient technique used to gently break up the connective tissue that covers and supports the muscles. It improves range of motion and circulation in the area, promotes tissue healing and breaks down scar tissue. 

Human Services

Cupping uses suction to increase blood flow and restore proper range of motion to an area. Cupping helps loosen tight muscles, decreases fascial adhesions (knots), decreases inflammation, releases mucle tension, detoxifies, and decreases stagnant blood flow. Works similarly to a deep tissue massage. 

Spinal Decompressionprovides specific spinal traction/decompression to alleviate herniated or bulging disc pain, and useful in stretching compressed areas. 

Thermex Hot/Cold Compression combines cold, heat, contrast, and compression therapy, in one machine. Designed for use in Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, the Therm-X is intended to treat post-surgical and acute injuries to reduce edema, swelling, and pain. The Therm-X is a flexible tool with digital accuracy,

Chiropractic careis a natural, safe, and effective technique used to help alleviate pain, increase range of motion, speed recovery time, and help prevent injury. Our doctors assess motion in both the spine and the extremities to insure that they are moving correctly. If a joint is restricted your physician will deliver a chiropractic adjustment to restore proper motion, increasing communication between the brain and the area treated. In addition to pain reduction, this impact on the nervous system communication can also accelerate body response time, which is vital when split second decision or reaction is the difference between ribbons! this treatment is also exceedingly important because untreated restrictions can lead to improper motion and excess wear and tear on the body which can lead to pain, injury, and arthritis.

Kinesiology Taping​ uses breathable, stretchable athletic tape to support the body while the muscles are actively engaged. Taping aids in pain relief, improves circulation, decreases inflammation, increases lymphatic flow, provide feedback to the brain to enhance muscle awareness and support. 


Shockwave Therapy is sound therapy used to break up old soft tissue adhesions (knots), scar tissue, and painful areas, while stimulating renewed healing responses from the body. It also increases circulation and helps regenerate damaged tissue. It is beneficial to be paired with laser. This therapy has been pivotal in healing issues such as plantar fasciitis, TMJ dysfunction and arthritis. 

Laser therapy ​is light therapy that is used to speed up the cycle of inflammation by making the body more efficient. Laser decreases pain, increases healing of wounds by increasing circulation, and increases recovery rate of muscles in work. It is good for acute or chronic pain.


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